Angle Conversion Calculator

Units of measure conversion calculators and formulas for angle units

Convert angle units

This calculator can be used to convert angle measurements. Select the unit of measurement that you know and enter its value. Then click on 'Calculate'.

The number of decimal places or the floating point representation can be set.

Angle unit calculator

 Enter the unit of measure and the time
Decimal places
Degree  °
arcminute  '
arcsecond  "
gradian  grad
radian  rad
mil  mil
slope of road  %

Formulas of angle conversion

\(\displaystyle 1 \space degree = 60\space arcmin =3600\space arcsec \)

\(\displaystyle degree = rad \frac{180}{π} = grad\frac{90}{100} \)

\(\displaystyle rad = deg \frac{π}{180} = grad\frac{π}{200} \)

\(\displaystyle mil = deg \frac{3200}{180} = grad ·16 \)

\(\displaystyle slope(\%) = 100 \space tan(deg)\)

\(\displaystyle deg =atan\left(\frac{slope(\%)}{100}\right) \)

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