Area Conversion Calculator

Converts metric, imperial, Chinese, and Japanese units of area

Convert area units

This calculator can be used to convert metric, imperial, Chinese and Japanese area units of measurements. Select the unit of measurement that you know and enter its value. Then click on 'Calculate'.

The number of decimal places or floating point (Float) representation can be set.

Calculate areas

 Enter the unit of measurement and the area
Decimal places
square millimeter   mm2
squar. centimeter   cm2
square meter   m2
square kilometer   km2
are   a
hectare   ha
acre   ac
square inch   in2
square foot   ft2
square yard   yd2
square mile   mi2
方寸 cun2   方寸
方尺 chi2   方尺
方丈 zhang2   方丈
hao   毫
li   厘
fen   分
mu   亩
dan   石
qing   顷
shaku   勺
坪/歩 tsubo   坪/歩
se   畝
段/反 tan   段/反
chō   町
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