Mass / Weight conversion calculator

Mass / Weight Conversion Calculator for metrics, Imperial, Chinese and Japanese units of measurement

Mass / Weight Conversion

This calculator can be used to convert metric, imperial, Chinese and Japanese mass / weight measurements. Select the unit of measurement that you know and enter its value. Then click on 'Calculate'.

The number of decimal places or floating point (Float) representation can be set.

Mass / Weight Calculator

 Enter the unit of measure and mass
Decimal places
milligram   mg
gram   g
kilogram   kg
tonne   t
grain   gr
dram   dr
ounce   oz
pounds   lb
stone   stone
long ton   ton
short ton   sh tn
忽   hu   忽
絲   si   丝
毫   hao   毫
釐   li   厘
分   fen   分
錢   qian   钱
兩   liang   两
斤   jin   斤
擔   dan   担
分   fun   分
匁   momme   匁
両   ryō   両
百目 hakume   百目
斤   kin   斤
貫   kan   貫

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