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Units of measure conversion calculators and formulas for time units

Convert time units

This calculator can be used to convert time measurements. Select the unit of measurement that you know and enter its value. Then click on 'Calculate'.

The number of decimal places or the floating point representation can be set.

Time unit calculator

 Enter the unit of measure and the time
Decimal places
Planck time   tp
atomic unit   au
nanoseconds   ns
microseconds   µs
milliseconds   ms
seconds   s
minutes   min
hours   h
days   d
weeks   wk
month   mo
year (Calendar)   y
year (Julian)   y
year (Gregorian)   y
century (Julian)   C

Planck time:   \( \displaystyle t_P=\sqrt{\frac{hG}{c^5}} ≈ 5.39116 · 10^{-44}s\)

atomic unit:   \( \displaystyle l_{au} = 2.418884326   10^{-17} s \)

\( \displaystyle 1h=60min=3600s\)

\( \displaystyle 1s =10^3ms=10^6µs=10^9ns\)

month:   30 days

year (Calendar) = 365 days

year (Julian) = 365.25 days

year (Gregorian) = 365.256363 days

century (Julian) = 100 year (Julian)

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