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Calculation of the percentage of the difference between two values

Percentage online calculator

The percentage calculator calculates the percentage of a starting or base value and a percentage value.

For example, what is the percentage if the base amount is 200 and the percentage amount 30? The percentage is 15%.

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Basic Value

The starting or base value.

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The future value after surcharge or discount on the base value.

Calculate percentage

An example is used to calculate the percentage by which an initial value of 850 must increase. to reach the percentage of \(1000\).

The basic value is known \(G = 850\) and the percent value \(W = 1000\).

The formula is \(\displaystyle P=\frac{W·100}{G}=\frac{1000·100}{850}=117.65\)

The percent value of \(1000\) is \(117.65%\) of the start value of \(850\). So it needs an increase of \(117.65 - 100 = 17.65\%\) to reach the percent value of \(1000\).