Data field basic functions

Index of the basic functions for the calculation of data fields

Basic functions for data fields

ClrRect Deletes a rectangular area
Clip Limits the values of a data field to a minimum and a maximum
Count Returns number of elements of a data field
Diff Computes the difference values of the consecutive elements of a list
Dim Returns the number of dimensions of the argument
Flat Joins all rows of a table into one row
GetAt Returns the value of a table from the specified position
GetRect Returns the specified area of a table
Insert Inserts new elements into a list or table
Join Join fields together
New Generates a new list
Pick Get selected items from a list
Remove Removes items from a list
Reverse Inverts the order in a list
Scale Converts the values of a data field to a new scale
SetAt Sets a value at the specified position
Split Splits a list into multiple sublists
Sum Returns the sum of all elements of a list or table
Text Generates a text list from the specified parameters
Trim Removes all invalid values in a list or table