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Insert Slider

  • A slider can be used instead of a variable in a formula or as a parameter of a function

  • The slider returns the individual value of a series of numbers depending on the position of the slider button.

  • The sequence of numbers is defined as a list in a variable

  • To open a slider, click on the menu ribbon button Slider«

  • To add the reference, place the cursor on the variable and click the button Range on the slider tool box

  • The name of the reference variable is displayed on the tool box next to the button

  • The name of the sliders is used in the formula instead of a variable as in the example below S1

  • The name is automatically assigned. You can overwrite the name in the slider tool box

Range Selection
  • The slider provides the selection of a data range

  • Instead of single value, the slider output value is a data field, which contains the values of the selected range

  • To select a range, first mark the actual position with a click on the button Region

  • Then move the slider thumb button to the second position and repeat Region

  • The image shows an example with the selected region 5 to 8

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