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Prefix presetting

Available in RedCrab PLUS
In the prefix mode, the prefix symbol is written in the result instead of an exponent. Further information can be found in the article here.
The setting Prefix auto uses the prefix that corresponds to the technical exponent. This page describes how to preset certain prefixes.
  • If the Prefix auto mode is used, the prefix is displayed that corresponds to the exponent

  • In the following example the result of an expression is the distance between two points, the format symbols "#m" displays the result in meters (m)
  • The displayed result: 3.65Mm (Mega meter) is correct, but unusual. Therefore, in "RedCrab" you can set certain prefixes with the "Prefix" menu

  • For example, if you choose the prefix "k (kilo)", the result is displayed as below

Prefix Group Setting
  • RedCrab also has the option to select a group of prefixes or to determine an upper or lower limit

  • To do this, use the Ctrl key and select the lower limit in the Prefix menu

  • Then hold the Ctrl key and select the upper limit in the Prefix menu

  • The example below shows results with the limits "m" (milli) and "k" (kilo)


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