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Sudoku Spiel

Generator und Solver

With RedCrab Sudoku you can generate, play, solve and save Sudoku games.

All generated games have only one solution and can be solved logically. No installation necessary - copy and play

New Game generates one of 9999999 games per random generator

With Select Game you can open a game of your choice.

Load / Save Game load or save a game from / to the harddrive.

With Input Game you can input a self-created game or a game from an external source, like newspaper.


Redcrab Sudoku 2.0 is also optimized for use on tablets. Button and menus are extra large sized so they are suitable for smaller touchscreens.

RedCrab Sudoku is freeware and may be freely copied and shared.

There is no liability for errors in the program or manual.

Game helper

Show Errors shows you whether wrong numbers are entered.

Next Step get a hint to the next solution number.

Solution solved a game completely..

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