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Resistance and Conductance

An electrical load provides resistance to the current in a circuit.
  • The term resistance defines a conductor characteristic of the load in relation to the current

  • The current in a circuit is therefore dependent on the voltage and the resistance of the circuit


Definition of resistance

The resistance of a load is greater, when the current is lower at the given voltage. Or the resistance of a load is greater, when a higher of voltage is required to reach a given current. The symbol of the resistance is R.
The dependency can be defined as: calculation of resistance
The unit of measurement of the resistance is ohms (abbreviation Ω). By definition, the resistance R = 1 Ω when the voltage U = 1 V and the current is 1 A..


The greater the resistance of a load, the lower its ability to conduct electricity. This ability is the conductivity (symbol G). The unit of measurement of the conductivity is the Siemens (abbreviation S)
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