Online computer electrical

RedCrab online calculator for calculating electrical values


Ohm's law and power
Wire resistance
Voltage drop
Temperature drift of resistance
Table of temperature coefficients
Internal resistance of a power source
Decibel, votage, power converter
Decibel - factor converter


Alternating voltage values
Alternating voltage and time
Frequency and wavelength
Alternating voltage value and angle
frequency and periodic time

Circuits with resistors

Total resistance of a resistor in parallel
Series resistance for a voltmeter
Parallel resistance for an ampere meter
Voltage divider
Loaded voltage divider
Pi Attenuator
T Attenuator

Circuits with capacitors

Capacitance of a series capacitor connection
Reactance Xc of a capacitor
Time constant of an R/C circuit (low pass)
Capacitor charging voltage at a time
Capacitor discharge voltage at a time
Resistor / capacitor series circuit
Resistor / capacitor parallel circuit
Resistor / capacitor low pass-filter
Resistor / capacitor high pass-filter
Resistor / capacitor integrator
Resistor / capacitor differentiator
Resistor / capacitor cutoff-frequency

Circuits with inductors

Reactance of a coil
RL cutoff frequency
RL differentiator
RL highpass filter
RL lowpass filter
RL series circuit
RL parallel circuit

Capacitor and inductors

Resonant frequency f0 calculator
Resistors-capacitors-inductors series circuit
Resistors-capacitors-inductors parallel circuit
Resonance of RCL parallel circuit
Resonance of RCL series circuit


LED resistor
more electrical functions are under construction