Online Calculator - Percent value

Calculation of the percentage of a base value and a given interest rate

Percent value online calculator

The percentage calculator calculates the percent value of a starting or base amount and a percentage.

For example, what is the percentage value if the base amount is 200 and the percentage is 15%.? The percentage value is 15%.

Base value

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Percentage value
Value after addition
Value after deduction

Description of the parameters

Basic Value

The starting or base value.


the percentage of the difference between the surcharge or discount on the base value.

Calculate percentage

This example calculates an increase of 3 percent.

The percentage is given by \(P = 3\). the basic value is given with \(B = 1000\)

We are looking for the percentage \(V\).

Die Formel lautet \(\displaystyle V=\frac{B·P}{100}=\frac{1000 · 3}{100}=30\)

The 30 will be added to the basic value. So \(30 + 1000 = 1030 \) is the future value.