Divide vectors by scalar

Online calculator for dividing a vector with 4 elements by a number

Calculate vector-scalar division

This function divides a vector by a real number (scalar). To perform the calculation, enter the vector and real number and click the Calculate button. Empty fields are counted as 0.

Vector scalar division calculator

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Description of the vector-scalar division

Vectors can be divided by real numbers. The real number is called a scalar to distinguish it from vectors.

A vector is divided by a scalar by dividing the individual elements of the vector by the number. The following is calculated:

\(\displaystyle\left[\matrix{x1\\y1\\z1\\w1}\right] / x = \left[\matrix{x1/ x\\y1 / x\\z1 / x\\w1 / x}\right]\)


\(\displaystyle\left[\matrix{4\\6\\8\\9}\right]/2 = \left[\matrix{4/ 2\\6/2\\8 /2\\ 9 / 2}\right] = \left[\matrix{2\\3\\4\\4.5}\right]\)

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