Besselj Function

Bessel function Jv(x) of the first kind

RedCrab Version 8.0

Function Besselj

The function Besselj calculates the Bessel function Iv (x) of the first kind. The Bessel functions returns an oscillating behavior. A real or a complex number can be transferred as parameter x. A single value or a list can be passed.


Besselj (n, x)

Function Besselje

The Besselje function differs from Besselj in that it uses the logarithmically scaled Bessel function for calculation A real or complex number, a single value or a list are also permitted as parameter x.


Besselje (n, x)


Single values or lists can be used as parameters n and x. The function is then calculated for each individual element of the list. The result is then a one-dimensional list, or a table if both parameters are lists.

If the real value of x is negative, the result can be a complex number.


Plot of the Besselj function with ordinal numbers 0 and 1