Function Pyramid

Calculate parameters of a pyramid


The Pyramid function calculates several properties of a pyramid.

The side length and the height are given as arguments. The number of corners can optionally be specified. If the number of corners is not specified, a pyramid with 4 corners is calculated.

The function returns a list with the following properties of the pyramid.

rs Radius from the center to a straight line
rv Radius from the center to a corner
A Area of the base
L Height of one side
e Length of an edge
S1 Surface of one side
S Surface without the base
Sg Total surface
V Volume


Pyramid (Width, Height)

Pyramid (Width, Heigth, Edges)


Calculation of the properties from the side length \(a\) and the height \(h\).

In the example below, only the volume \(V\) of the pyramid is displayed.