Online calculator - MIRR Function

Calculates the modified internal rate of return for a series of periodic cash flows

Description of the function MIRR

Returns a value specifying the modified internal rate of return for a series of periodic cash flows (payments and receipts).

The modified internal rate of return is the internal rate of return when payments and receipts are financed at different rates. The MIRR function takes into account both the cost of the investment (FinanceRate) and the interest rate received on reinvestment of cash (ReinvestRate).

The FinanceRate and ReinvestRate arguments are percentages expressed as decimal values. For example, 12 percent is expressed as 0.12.

The MIRR function uses the order of values within the array to interpret the order of payments and receipts. Be sure to enter your payment and receipt values in the correct sequence.

Calculate the modified internal rate online

Value Array
Finance Rate
Reinvest Rate

Decimal places


Internal rate

Description of the parameters

Value Array

Array of Double specifying cash-flow values. The array must contain at least one negative value (a payment) and one positive value (a receipt).

Finance Rate

The interest rate paid as the cost of financing.

Reinvest Rate

The interest rate received on gains from cash reinvestment.

RedCrab Calculator

With the "RedCrab Calculator" use the "MIRR" function for the calculation of the modified internal rate.