Class Cone

Calculation of the properties of cones


The class Cone calculates properties of a cone.

The default argument is the radius and the height. This means that the radius \(r\) and the height \(h\) can be passed as arguments without a command string (see example below).


The following properties can be queried as a result or passed as an argument.



d Base diameter
r Base radius
A Base area
P Base perimeter
h Cone height
L Surface height
Sl Surface without base
S Total sureface
V Volume


Object = Cone (radius, height)

Object = Cone ("args names", arguments)

Value = Cone ("get –>args names", arguments)


The default arguments are a radius of 5 and a height of 8.

From an initialized object \(a\) only the volume \(V\) is displayed.

Calculated from a diameter of 10 and a height of 8, the surface of the cone is calculated.