Class Pyramid

Calculation of the properties of pyramids


The class Pyramid calculates properties of regular pyramids.


The following properties can be queried as a result or passed as an argument.



Base area
a Side length of the base
rs Radius from the center to a straight line
rv Radius from the center to a corner
P Perimeter of the base
A Area of the base
n Number of corners. The specification is optional. The default is 4.
Dimensions of the pyramid
h Height of the pyramid
L Height of a side
Areas and volumes
Sl Surface of a side
Sa Surface without base
S Total surface
V Volume


Object = Pyramid ("arg names", arguments)

Value = Pyramid ("get -> arg names", arguments)


Calculation of the properties of the side length \(a \) and the height \(h \).

The following example displays the volume \(V \) from the object \(a \).

Calculation of the volume \(V \).