Description how to insert labels in RedCrab Calculator

Insert a Label

RedCrab supports the insertion of labels. Labels can be positioned on any position of the worksheet, images and chart boxes. The Label position is fixed to his container. A Label displays text or results of calculations. For example, it is possible to include results of calculations directly in a technical drawing.

To insert a label follow the following steps

  • Click the destination box with the mouse

  • Click on the button Label in the menu group Insert

  • Finally drag the label with the mouse to the desired position.

Text label

If you want to display a text label, write the text in the editor next to the Reference button and choose the item Text in the pull down menu.

Result label

If you want to display the result of a calculation, you must connect the desired variable to the label.

  • Place the text cursor on the reference variable

  • Then click the menu item Reference

Additional settings

Font name

Changes the font family

Font size

Changes the font size


Choose a presetted rotation angle from the pulldown menu. Alternate you can enter an angle in in the text box. For activation click the button "Apply".

Font colour

Changes the font colour

Background colour

Changes the background colour


Shows the background transparent