Description of how to define your own function in RedCrab Calculator

Define a Function

This section describes how to define your own function in the RedCrab Calculator.

  • The definition begins with the function name left of the equal sign

  • Then follows the function symbol and the list of parameter

  • The function expression is defined right of the second equal sign

  • You get the function sign with the keys Ctrl + 5



A call to a user-defined function must be marked with the function sign to the left of the function name


The arguments can be any expression, such as values, variables, or some other function


Visibility of function parameters

  • The variables defined as formal parameters have their own scope within the function. They are only visible in the function and not outside their function.

  • The same names may be used in the list of arguments and elsewhere in the worksheet

  • In addition to the parameters, all global variables defined in the worksheet can be used within a function