Description of the overload of variable names

Overload Variable

One feature of RedCrab is overloading variable names. This means that you can assign different values to the same variable name.

But an overloaded variable name does not have a unique defined value and can not be used for further calculations or referrals.


P = U · I =
P = U2 / R =

Names of overloaded constants can be reused

In the example the constant e is defined as the Euler value 2.7182818. You can assign an other value and use e for further calculations


x = e = 2,7182818
e = 11
X = 2e = 22

Predefined Values

  e Eulerscher number: 2.7182818284590452...
  π PI : 3.1415....
  TRUE 1
  NIL Undefined