Hyperbolic cosine of a complex number

Online calculator for calculating the hyperbolic cosine of a complex number

Calculate hyperbolic cosine

This function returns the hyperbolic cosine for an angle that is specified as a complex number.

To perform the calculation, enter the complex number. Then click on the 'Calculate' button.

Cosh of a complex number calculator

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Description of the hyperbolic cosine of a complex number

In the following description, \(z\) stands for the complex number. \(x\) stands for the real value \(Re\) and \(y\) for the imaginary value \(Im\).

\(cosh(z) = cosh(x) · cos(y) - sinh(x) · sin(y)\)


\(cosh(z) = cosh(3+5i)\)

\(Re = cosh(3) · cos(5) =2.856\)     \(Im = sinh(3) · sin(5) =9.606\)

\(cosh(3+5i) = 2.846-9.606i\)
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