Data volume conversion

Units of measure conversion calculators for Bit and Byte

Bit and Byte conversion

This calculator can be used to convert bits and bytes of data volume units. Select the unit of measurement that you know and enter its value. Then click on 'Calculate'.

The number of decimal places or floating point (Float) representation can be set.

Data volume converter

 Select the unit and enter the value
Decimal places
Bit   b
Kilobit   kb
Megabit   Mb
Gigabit   Gb
Terabit   Tb
  SI (1000 based)
Byte   B
Kilobyte   kB
Megabyte   MB
Gigabyte   GB
Terabyte   TB
Petabyte   PB
  IEC (1024 based)
Kibibyte   KiB
Mebibyte   MiB
Gibibyte   GiB
Tebibyte   TiB
Pebibyte   PiB

Storage capacity prefixes

For data memories with binary addressing, storage capacities based on powers of two (2n bytes) are specified. The actually decimal SI prefixes were used to designate storage capacities (for kilos = 1024 instead of 1000).

To avoid ambiguity, the IEC proposed new unit prefixes for binary prefixes in 1996. The prefix is supplemented by the syllable "bi", which clarifies that they are binary multiples. Example: 1 Kibibyte (KiB) = 1024 bytes, 1 Mebibyte (MiB) = 1024 × 1024 bytes.

In practice, the recommendation was only partially implemented. Microsoft continues to use the SI prefixes for binary storage capacities (kilos = 1024). Other systems use both the old and the new variant.

Data volume

1B = 8b (1 Byte = 8 Bit)

SI (1000 based)

1kB = 103B, 1MB = 106B, 1GB = 106B, 1TB = 1012B, 1PB = 1015B

IEC8000-13 (1024 based)

1KiB = 210B, 1MiB = 220B, 1GiB = 230B, 1TiB = 240B, 1PiB = 250B

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