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Power Conversion Calculator and formulas for units of measurement

Calculate power units of measurement

This calculator can be used to convert power measurements. Select the unit of measurement that you know and enter its value. Then click on 'Calculate'.

The number of decimal places or the floating point representation can be set.

Power unit calculator

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Formulas for converting power units

Conversion from kW to PS

The power of 1 metric horsepower corresponds to 735.49875 watts.

\(W = PS · 735,49875\)
\(\displaystyle PS=\frac{W}{735.49875}\)

Conversion of kW into British horsepower

The power of 1 horsepower corresponds to 745.70 watts.

\(W = hp · 745,7\)
\(\displaystyle hp=\frac{W}{745.7}\)

Conversion of kW to calories / second

The power of 1 calories / second corresponds to 4.1868 watts.

\(W = cal/s · 4.1868\)
\(\displaystyle cal/s=\frac{W}{4.1868}\)

Conversion from kW to BTU / second

The power of 1 BTU / second corresponds to 1055.05585262 watts.

\(W = BTU/s · 1055.05585262\)
\(\displaystyle BTU/s=\frac{W}{1055.05585262}\)

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