Volume Conversion Calculator

Area Conversion Calculator for metrics, Imperial, Chinese and Japanese units

Volume Conversion

This calculator converts a given volume into various metric, Imperial, Chinese, and Japanese units of measure. Select the unit of measurement that you know and enter its value. Then click on 'Calculate'.

The number of decimal places or the floating point representation can be set.

Volume Calculator

 Enter the unit of measurement and the volume
Decimal places
milliliter   ml
centiliter   cl
deciliter   dl
liter   l
cubic millimeter   mm3
cubic centimeter   cm3
cubic decimeter   dm3
cubic Meter   m3
 Imperial (UK)
cubic inch   cu in
cubic foot   cu ft
cubic yards   cu yd
ounce   UK   fl oz
gill   UK   gi
pint   UK   pt
quart   UK   qt
gallon   UK   gal
barrel   UK   bl
 US fluid
ounce   US fluid   fl oz
gill   US fluid   gi
pint   US fluid   pt
quart   US fluid   qt
gallon   US fluid   gal
barrel   US fluid   bl
barrel petroleum   bbl
 US dry
pint   US dry   pt
quart   US dry   qt
gallon   US dry   gal
barrel   US dry   bl
撮   cuo   撮
勺   shao   勺
合   ge   合
升   sheng   升
斗   dou   斗
石   dan   石
勺   shaku   勺
合   gō   合
升   shō   升
斗   to   斗
石   koku   石

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